Big day for Meg

Meg had a busy day today! She woke up early to get prepared for her class field trip to the Würselen forest. I helped her pack a snack. Then she rode to the bakery to get some rolls, rode to Jana’s house, and then rode together to Aquana to meet the rest of their class (and stopped by our apartment to get a jacket, which she had forgotten). She had school a little bit longer than normal to celebrate the end of their Pausenengel time (the group of kids who are responsible for keeping watch during recess). They got the kids ice cream to celebrate.

Once she arrived home she had just a little time to take a shower and finish packing for her scout trip to celebrate the summer solstice. I did my best to put her hair in a French braid, (which was unfortunately not very good). I bought extra bug spray for her, and she is planning on mostly wearing long pants and shirt the whole weekend, so hopefully she won’t get too many bug bites. It looks the weather will cooperate, with highs around 25C (75F) and partly sunny.

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