Ghar Dalam and Borg In-Nadur

Today we went to the Ghar Dalam cave and the Borg In-Nadur temple. Malta has an incredible amount of archaeological finds, from a number of different time periods. During the Pleistene age 1.8 million years ago, Malta was connected to Sicily via a land bridge. During this period elephants, deer, hippopotami, and other animals were common on Malta. After the land bridge seceded, the animals had fewer resources, so they got smaller over time. Thousands of animal bones from this period were discovered inside the Ghar Dalam cave. Shortly after humans settled on Malta, they hunted these species to extinction.

Much of the exhibit was done in a Victorian style, which showcases hundreds of bones all in one case. It was certainly the most bones in one room I have ever seen.

After we toured the museum, we continued down towards the caves. Along the way there were a number of different trees and plants, as well as the remains of a Roman villa.

The cave itself only requires a few minutes to walk through most of it, but it is labeled with the different layers of rock and sediment from which they discovered different types of bones and also human artifacts in the uppermost layer.

We also learned that the cave was used to house fuel for planes during World War Two, and there is still some barbed wire from that period. It is also surrounded by kilometers of rubble walls, which have been used on Malta for thousands of years for various purposes.

Borg In-Nadur description
Borg In-Nadur description

After Ghar Dalam, we stopped at Borg In-Nadur, which is another temple from around 3000 B.C.E. It is not as impressive as some of the other temples we saw, but it is still fascinating to see just how pervasive the temple culture was on Malta.

After the temple we tried to get lunch nearby, but we could not find much open, so we ended up taking a cab back to Sliema near our apartment. Spencer really enjoyed his double cheeseburger.

Alice and Clare excited for their meals
Spencer is excited for his cheeseburger

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