Happy Halloween 2021

Alice had a halloween party with 5 of her friends; she dressed up as a skeleton doll from the movie Coco. Spencer dressed up as Maverick from Top Gun; the leather jacket is my grandfather’s, Robert Goold. Robert “Bud” Goold Jr. kept it until his death a few years ago, and we inherited it this summer.

This was the first time I had gone out trick-or-treating in Germany. Halloween is not a traditional German holiday, but has been gaining popularity over the last 20 years or so. It seems to very hit and miss whether or not people celebrate it here. We went trick-or-treating in a nearby neighborhood with lots of kids, which is known to have lots of houses which hand out candy. Unlike in the USA, halloween in Germany only focuses on spooky stuff – no princesses or superheroes here really – only ghosts and goblins. One thing I noticed while trick or treating – most of the dads out with their kids had beer – a very nice improvement.

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