Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Ready to eat

We had an international Thanksgiving celebration today with 4 Americans, 1 Belgian, 1 Italian, 1 Austrian, and 1 Liechtensteiner, in Würselen, Germany. We all had a great time, and much tasty food was consumed. We made turkey, gravy, bread dumplings, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry relish, and pumpkin and apple pie. Thomas and Ulli brought mini quiches, red cabbage, and apple streusel. Lorenza and Jeroen brought an endive salad and a tasty cauliflower and caper dish, plus some Italian wine. Spencer and Meg both helped quite a bit with cleaning and cooking. It was really nice to celebrate. With COVID numbers rising as they are, it seems likely we will be going back into lockdown soon.