Spencer’s birthday weekend part 2: ice cream cake


Spencer has had an ice cream cake every year for quite a few years now. (Thanks Greg Brown for giving us your recipe). Spencer opted not to have a party this year, and instead we let him play Fortnite all day long on Saturday, with a few short breaks for eating. We spread out eating the cake over four days.

Spencer’s birthday weekend part 1: a bass guitar


Spencer has been asking for a bass guitar for probably half of his life at this point or more. He might have started asking for one at 5 or 6. We said, “Wow, that’s a big instrument for a little guy.” We always told him that maybe when he was older and had some musical foundations, then maybe. He took piano lessons for a bit in Kindergarten, then sax for a bit, played trombone in school band (5 & 6th grade), and switched back to sax at school this year.

Spencer turns 13 on Monday, and we are celebrating this weekend, even though Germans usually consider it bad luck to celebrate things (like birthdays) early. Today, when he got home from school, we asked him to practice his instrument. He went in his room, walked right past the bass Rob had set up to get his sax. We had to ask him to come back and look again for him to even see it. But once he did see it, he was so surprised and excited. We got it out and plugged it in and tuned it. Rob showed him some musician stuff that he knows. Spencer recognized right away that he can use his trombone music for the bass and went and got some music to start picking out. So making him get some musical training did not hurt.

As we enter the teen years, we will all need a lot of patience, but we are so proud of the young man he is becoming. I like having him around and am looking forward to a home filled with even more music.