To save or throw away


We are nearly done clearing out our apartment, which has been our home for almost exactly four years. Today we got rid of some boxes I had saved, for example a box from an electric kettle. I thought it might come in handy some day, but it did not. However, I also found 2 plastic mattress wrappers, which will come in handy.

Plastic mattress cover

Fedibbletys and Soule-Reeves


This past weekend our good friends Danny and Bethany visited us, after Danny gave a talk at a nearby conference. It had been almost exactly three years since their last visit. They were our first guests in our new house, and didn’t mind the chaos of unpacked boxes scattered here and there.

Every day we had a big breakfast with fresh rolls, which is one of my favorite parts of living in Germany.

Saturday morning we contemplated renting or buying Clare an e-bike, so our first stop was to a bike store, but unfortunately they did not have any available for rent, because of the global supply-chain issues. Clare was able to try out a few e-bikes though, which was very informative. I foresee an e-bike in our near future. Instead of getting an E-assist, Clare got a D-assist (D for Danny) as we all biked / skated into downtown Würselen to get some ice cream at Peppone. Then the adults ride on into Aachen for a bit of sightseeing. We showed Danny and Bethany all of our favorite sights, including the cathedral, the city hall, and Elisenbrunnen. We had some traditional German food at the Aachener brew haus, and then headed home. Clare was wise enough to take the bus, and Danny rode her bike back the uphill route to Würselen.

On Sunday, we went to Thomas’s birthday party at their garden house, which involved the usual mix of linguists and computer scientists. A very fun group of people.

Then on Monday, I took Danny, Bethany, and Alice to Monschau. I have been wanting to visit here for four years, but never got to go because he had to work or wouldn’t fit in the car. Clare was nice enough to sit this trip out and work on cleaning out our apartment so I could get the chance. We enjoyed the glass blowing workshop, where Alice and I made our own glass bulbs. We got some famous Monschau mustard, walked around the quaint town, up to the ruins for a panoramic view of the town, and enjoyed some lunch along the Rur river. We learned that Monschau came to prominence in the 17th and 18th centuries due to its textile industry, which no longer exists. One of the wealthy merchants from this period build the “red house” which still stands today.

It was a bit sad to see that about half of the restaurants and shops were closed, due to either the pandemic and/or the flooding from last summer. Nevertheless, it is still a great little town to visit.

Tuesday morning we had one last big breakfast of rolls and treats from Penny, such as apple turnovers, then it was time to bid Danny and Bethany Adieu as they head on to Berlin. It was so great to see you! Thanks for visiting.