Wild pigs?

Last week I noticed that a bunch of my lawn was torn up. I asked some of my friends what may have caused this damage, and they all immediately said “wild pigs”. I was surprised to learn that there are wild pigs roaming around near me, but I guess that might be the case. I did a little bit of internet research, and quickly found many articles about how to prevent wild pigs from tearing up your lawn, so I guess it is quite common in Germany. They use their noses to dig up the ground, which seems to match what I see in the lawn.

The question is, how did they get in? We have a pretty tall fence, which you can see below. We have left the gate to our driveway open some nights, so maybe they came in that way, but that would mean they would have to walk up about 8 stairs. Maybe I am living in a dystopic Orwellian future where pigs walk on two feet? Or maybe it has finally happened – pigs can fly!

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    1. The stairs are granite though, so I would think they might slip. Maybe they smelled some really great truffles in my garden.

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