2006 Annual Report

2006 Fedibblety Annual Report

The Fedibblety organization would like to extend warm greetings and well wishes to all interested parties. We hope that this communication finds you in good health and spirits, and we wish you an enjoyable end to 2006, and a good beginning in 2007. This document gives a brief overview of the endeavors from the year 2006 and our strong foundation for consistent sustainable growth in 2007 and beyond. For more photographic evidence of some of these adventures and misadventures, please visit http://fedibblety.com.

First Quarter

The first quarter was cold and snowy, though temporary relief from the dreary days of February was found during a visit to our sister corporation in Tempe, Arizona. There we held a joint meeting with the parent companies of Clare and Rob, which included a trip to a Native American Pueblo, the perennial favorite mixed grill, and much milling about.

The snowy weather motivated the team to work on their academic projects. Clare continued taking images of micron-sized particles, and Rob recruited people for his confusion experiments.

Second Quarter

In the second quarter a visit was made to international operations in Germany, where Rob introduced Clare to his friends and colleagues there. Clare picked up bits of German remarkably quickly, and Rob honed his simultaneous translation skills. Rob’s endeavor to confuse the German people was a great success in Konstanz.

While Rob was collecting data in Konstanz, Clare used her loneliness as motivation to finally finish the draft of her first publication and learn the joys of LaTeX. The paper was accepted and published in October in Physical Review E. Yes, there are journals named Physical Review A, B, C, and D.

The Fedibblety team also welcomed a new member, Sadie Latisha Saunders, who joined us on April 20th. Rob’s sister Erika and partner Brantley seem to be adjusting well to the newfound joys of parenthood.

The one year anniversary of the successful merger of the Dibble and Felty sole proprietorships offered a chance to reflect and evaluate the effectiveness of the joint organizational structure. Luckily performance reviews were not adopted as part of the current process so we can live together in peace.

Third Quarter

The third quarter was filled with celebration of mergers and exploration of our natural surroundings. Clare and Rob attended three separate mergers-of-equals in August, each celebrated with much fanfare and costume.

Once again a joint meeting of the parent companies took place, this time on Burt Lake in Northern Michigan. There significant time was spent in the pursuit of learning the intricacies of bridges. One day was devoted to exploring the natural beauty and storied history of Mackinaw Island, while another was spent chasing waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula. Overall, the meeting was a great success and amicable feelings were displayed by all.

While at home, the natural surroundings of 210 N. 1st St. provided both flora and fruit for the enjoyment of the team. The team also acquired a Canon Rebel XT this year. Fedibbletys have enjoyed learning more about the fine art of photography. The intersection of our efforts in flowers and photography efforts can be found in one of the examples included with this letter.

The Dibble division also added a member in this quarter, Ruth Angeline Dibble, on September 19th. Now the Dibble’s picture clock should be in full conformance to expectations.

Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter focused heavily on communicating our prior efforts from the year. Rob presented information from his dissertation research at two different conferences, and Clare worked to finish her dissertation. Colds were defeated with moderate success.

A more detailed analysis of the activities from 2006 can be found in Figure 1.


Figure 1: Free time activities broken down by category over the course of 2006.

2007 forecast

The year 2006 was a prosperous one for the Fedibblety household. Overall the year was categorized by growth in the travel and publications departments, as well as several additions to the extended Fedibblety family. Though much of the details of 2007 are still confidential (to us as well), a relocation is expected, as well as two degree conferrals. Clare is scheduled to defend her dissertation on January 17th, so hopefully it will be written by then. Rob will likely defend in March, and then we will choose new projects to occupy our time.

We wish you all the best in the new year,
Robert and Clare FeDibblety

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