2007 Annual Report

The Fedibblety organization hopes that this communication finds all interested parties in good health and spirits. This document gives a brief overview of the endeavors from the year 2007 and our strong foundation for consistent sustainable growth in 2008 and beyond. More photographic evidence of some of these adventures and misadventures is available at http://fedibblety.com.

First Quarter

Clare started the first quarter by successfully defending her dissertation on January 17th. Following the defense, several of her loyal fans gathered at the Arbor Brewing Company for much rejoicing and some heavy drinking. Rob did his best to keep her motivated by providing her with healthy, tasty nourishment as she wrapped up her studies.

While Clare was finishing her dissertation revisions, Rob was getting serious about writing his. Clare supported Rob while he was writing by staying out of his hair —in Chicago, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and San Francisco.


Figure 1: Dorothy, Clare, and Ellen

Second Quarter

Following Clare’s lead, Rob successfully defended his dissertation on April 18th; the rejoicing was accomplished several days later at The Heidelberg. It involved liters of beer in boot shaped glasses.

Shortly afterwards, Rob and the fathers of our two parent organizations traveled to the soon-to-be Fedibblety headquarters to begin remodeling. The crew succeeded in painting the entire upstairs and the foyer and new carpet was installed upstairs. Many miscellaneous improvements were also taken care of, and Dave stayed an additional week to take care of more tasks. After seeing all that Dave accomplished on his own, it seemed Rob and Harold were only slowing Dave down while they were there.


Figure 2: The remodeling crew

Meanwhile, in western Europe, Clare undertook a whirlwind visit of three countries in under 2 weeks, visiting friends in the Netherlands, France, and England.

The two year anniversary of the successful merger of the Dibble and Felty sole proprietorships was marked with a candle-lit dinner.

Shortly after Rob handed in final dissertation revisions and Clare got back from Europe, the team undertook a cross-country road trip to maintain ties with partner companies. Stops were made in: Grinnell, IA; Manhattan, KS; Boulder, CO; and Salt Lake City, UT. Rob presented some of his work at a conference in Salt Lake City. The pair returned home to Ann Arbor on June 9th, with one day to pack their belongings for the big move to the new headquarters.

Third Quarter

The third quarter of the year began with a substantial upgrade in the operating facilities of the Fedibblety organization, with the planned move to Spencer, IN. This move marks an abrupt change from the bustling city lifestyle of Ann Arbor, MI to the rustic setting of the southern Hoosier countryside. One of our parent organizations is kindly allowing us to inhabit their property with the promise that we reverse the trend of degeneration over the past nine years. Significant progress has already been made on this front. Both of the parental units provided very much assistance in the moving project, for which we are very grateful.


Figure 3: The new headquarters


Figure 4: Percentage of waking time spent doing most common activities in 2007.

Rob’s new position as a post-doctoral fellow officially began July 1st. He is now working for Prof. David Pisoni in the Psychology department at Indiana University, continuing and extending his dissertation research on speech perception and spoken word recognition. Clare likes to refer to it as his work on confusion. Rob presented some more of his work at a conference in Germany in August and traveled to maintain established international contacts.

In July, Clare’s friend Rupa filled in as a substitute roommate for several weeks, the first of many visitors to our new location.

Clare felt that fall has always meant heading back to school, so she began teaching a physical science course at Ivy Tech community college in Bloomington. Though the students seemed to have a great fear of letters standing in for numbers (e.g. F=ma), Clare successfully trained the students to see the world through a slightly more scientific perspective.

Fourth Quarter

The fall this year was unseasonably warm, with temperatures in the high 80’s as late as mid-October. By November we finally got some cold temperatures, so Rob could try his hand heating the house with all the wood he had been collecting over the summer and fall.

Clare joined SpheroSense Technologies, a local biosensor start-up. She never would have believed that the stuff she did for her dissertation could be commercially useful if she had not experienced it herself.

A brief summary of our overall activities for the year is presented in Figure 4. Note that this is based on estimates, but with the aid of new software currently being developed, the Fedibblety organization plans to accurately track our daily activities in the year 2008, aiming towards our goal of complete transparency. Clare, not wishing to be seen through, is resisting this drastic measure of stochastically predicting our most likely schedule based on random intrusions in her life by a piece of software.

2008 forecast

In last year’s annual report, we made several predictions, including two degree conferrals and a relocation. We are pleased to say that these goals have been met. For the coming year, we predict continued growth in the publications department, and increased spending on homestead security. We wish you all the best in the new year,
Clare and Rob

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