2008 Annual Report

The Fedibblety organization hopes that this communication finds all interested parties in good health and spirits. As has been the case for most of the world in 2008, this year has been quite unpredictable for the FeDibblety organization, as opposed to the previous year. (The predictions for 2007 made in the 2006 annual report were very accurate.) Additional information is available at fedibblety.com.

First Quarter

The FeDibblety team welcomed two new members in February of 2008, though their tenure proved to be short. Clare’s friend Liz Hardin and her 7-year old Aubrie were looking for a promising organization to join, and we welcomed them gladly. Liz concentrated on the newly developed glass-blowing business, while Aubrie spearheaded the firewood stacking operation. We enjoyed having the opportunity to expand the team and gain insight from their unique perspectives.


Figure 1: Guests of Clare’s birthday celebration at McCormick’s Creek park

Second Quarter

In the second quarter, the FeDibblety organization made several important decisions. Clare was offered a position at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO, where she is working on developing methods to manufacture cellulosic ethanol (from corn stalks, not the ears). Though it would mean a temporary separation for Clare and Rob, they decided it was in the best interests for the long-term growth of the team.

Before moving Clare out to Colorado at the end of May, a bit of rest and relaxation was in order first. A joint venture with friends Brian, Audrey, and Luis was undertaken to explore Yellowstone National Park. Brian and Audrey were kind enough to handle much of the arrangements. Clare, Rob, and Luis flew into Salt Lake City, hopped into Brian and Audrey’s Escape, and escaped into the wilderness. We had the great pleasure of seeing the park the first week it was open, which meant lots of wildlife and few tourists, though some cold weather as well (it snowed one day). Pictorial evidence of the trip is at fedibblety.com/albums/2008/yellowstone


Figure 2: The new headquarters

Shortly after returning from Yellowstone, a great fête was held at the Spencer headquarters in celebration of Clare’s 30th birthday. Friends Curt Fisher and Sarah Miller, who also turned 30 within one week of Clare were also in attendance, as well as several other friends from around the country. The rejoicing included lots of margaritas, a piñata, a bonfire each night, hiking in the Twin Springs forest, and a visit to McCormick’s Creek state park. A good time was had by all.

Shortly after Clare moved out to Colorado, much of the Midwest found itself under water. Spencer was one of the those cities, which had a 100-year flood. Fortunately, Dave and Ellen built the house on high ground, and no damage was done to the house, but there was lots of debris to be cleaned up from the yard, and several of Rob’s outdoor projects were swiftly undone.

Third Quarter


Figure 3: Meeting with the parent and brother corporations


Figure 4: Fluctuation in number of people per office in the fedibblety corporation

As the summer equinox came and went, the FeDibblety organization got the most exciting news of the year. A new permanent team member is scheduled to join us in February of 2009. While not many details are yet known about this new team member, Clare can say that he does not seem like to eggs or spicy food, much to her chagrin. Hopefully the rigorous training program of the FeDibblety organization will be successful in refining his palate.

In July and August, Clare worked on getting herself acquainted to Colorado, and Rob tried to keep himself busy in Spencer, including with the garden. The basil crop was prolific, the tomatoes and peppers did quite well, and a few eggplant were tasty, though small. The culmination was making salsa, which has become a yearly event for the FeDibbletys. This year Rob was all alone, and discovered that work is in fact made lighter by many hands.

As September rolled around, Rob got the opportunity to combine several of his interests linguistics, programming, and teaching. He had the pleasure of teaching L555 Programming for Linguists at IU, in addition to doing his post-doc research. Before he could start teaching, he had to learn a new language, python, since that is what the department had decided on.

Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter is best characterized by moving. After several months of searching, a new headquarters was finally purchased in mid October, in the town of Arvada, CO. It is a convenient location in many ways. Clare only has to drive 10 minutes to work (in Golden). It is only about 15 minutes from Denver, and about 25 minutes to Boulder. Best of all, there are numerous shops, restaurants, and grocery stores within a 10 minute walk.

Having honed their remodeling skills in the Spencer office, the FeDibblety team chose a “fixer-upper” at a reasonable price. With the help of the Dibble parent organization, several plumbing and painting projects have already been finished.

In November, a joint meeting of the FeDibblety organization with its two parent and brother organization was held at the Spencer office. After much cooking, eating, and celebrating, 98% of the FeDibblety belongings were packed up, and were driven off to Colorado by Dave and Ellen. We are very grateful for their help in the relocation, especially since this is the second time in 18 months.

2009 forecast

Our predictions for 2008 turned out to be totally incorrect, but we will nevertheless attempt several predictions for 2009. We think that there is a very high chance that the new FeDibblety team member will arrive in the first quarter, and that the three remaining quarters will be mostly dedicated to extensive training of the new member.

We wish you all the best in the new year,
Robert Felty and Clare Dibble

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