2009 Annual Report

The Fedibblety organization hopes that this communication finds all interested parties in good health and spirits.

First Quarter

The first quarter began with a re-uniting of the heads of the organization, as Rob arrived in Colorado on New Year’s Eve from Indiana. There was much rejoicing. The rejoicing could not last for too long though, as there were many preparations to be done in anticipation of the new team member. The first order of business was to remodel the kitchen, so that the team would be well fed. Rob handled this project over two weeks, during which time he discovered just how helpful Clare had been in previous projects in Indiana. Unfortunately, she had to work, so was not available for help.

As predicted in the 2008 annual report, the newest team member did arrive in the first quarter, although he was approximately two weeks late. He did not tell us his name immediately upon arrival, but after a day or two, it was clear that we should call him Spencer Clark Dibble-Felty.


Figure 1: Kitchen with new lower cabinets and counter top

Second Quarter

The second quarter was marked by visits. Visitors included Dave, Ellen, Drew, & Bret; Harold & Fran; Sam, Charlie, Benjamin, & Bruce; Kevin & Sabine; Danette; Curt; George; and Tim & Phil. We also went on two trips. Spencer’s first flight was to Chicago with Clare and Ellen to visit Grandma Grand Wolfe. He did very well, and all of the Chicago family enjoyed meeting him. We also took Spencer to a wedding in Monterey, California. Jean Ann was kind enough to come down for a night to babysit Spencer so we could enjoy the reception carefree. The trip was great, although Spencer did get his first cold.

Visits from Dave & Ellen included a healthy dose of home improvement, as we have come to expect. Dave and Rob installed three new windows, and a new door to the garage. Ellen worked a bunch on trim in various parts of the house, along with other miscellaneous projects. We ended up hiring someone to install the three windows upstairs, which was worth it. The benefits of the new windows were immediately felt in the reduction of draft, and heard in the reduction of outside noise.


Figure 2: The newest team member, Spencer Clark Dibble-Felty, arrived on February 21st

One of the adventures of the second quarter was the first camping trip with Spencer, near Idaho Springs. We were slightly ill-equipped, and ending up coming home around midnight. We did make a campfire though, and had s’mores, which is perhaps the most fun part of camping.

Third Quarter


Figure 3: Spencer shows off Felty memorabilia, wearing the Austrian outfit which Rob wore approximately 30 years ago


Figure 4: Entropy (amount of disorder) of the Fedibblety headquarters over the course of the year

The third quarter began with yet another visit and an adventure combined. Dave & Ellen came out again in late June for a long weekend. This time we decided to have fun instead of work, so we went camping at Echo Lake. Our second camping trip with Spencer was a success. We were still a little bit cold at night, but a bigger tent, and a Coleman stove to heat up bottles made a huge difference. We even drove to the top of Mt. Evans at 14,000 feet.

Continuing with the visit theme, Brian & Audrey came out to visit in July. Events included a drum corps show (just Brian and Rob), and hiking at Red Rocks. In August, Christine, Ian, & Melanie came to visit. This visit included a day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, homemade ice cream, and the saltiest basket lunch ever. The team also traveled to Michigan in August to visit the Felty organization, and to be witnesses at the Ferrario-Newman merger.

August 25th marked Rob’s 25th first day of school, this time at the University of Colorado in Boulder (most curiously abbreviated as CU). This time he was in the teacher’s chair once again, teaching Introduction to Computational Corpus Linguistics. Rob going back to work meant that Spencer started day-care part time, which was a pretty big adjustment.

Early September was once again marked by visits and trips. We spent Labor Day in Arizona teaching Spencer how to swim. A few weeks later Chris & Sarah visited us for more hiking and playing with Spencer.

Fourth Quarter

The Fedibblety team was very occupied with work in the fourth quarter. Rob spent 20-30 hours per week on his teaching job, and Clare worked long days and weekends preparing for the Society of Rheology conference, as well as several other projects.

The first planned trip of the fourth quarter, to celebrate Melanie’s thirtieth year in business was cancelled at the last minute, due to the Fedibblety men getting gastroentoritis (stomach flu). This sickness also was the deciding factor of taking Spencer out of Kindercare and hiring a nanny instead. We simply could not deal with the sicknesses anymore. The decision has proven to be a wise one.

The team took another trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving to meet with the Felty parent corporation. There was a large celebration at Keith’s, and smaller ones at Harold and Fran’s. Spencer enjoyed playing with his cousin Sadie, as well as Luuk van Kampen, who is 2 days older than him.

2010 forecast

Although the Colorado weather is normally sunny, he future of the FeDibblety organization in 2010 remains cloudy. We can predict with high certainty that the newest member of the team will continue to grow and develop at a rapid rate. We also predict a large gathering of the Dibble-Wolfe branch of the corporation in the summer. We wish you all the best in the new year,
Rob, Clare, and Spencer

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