2010 Annual Report

The Fedibblety organization hopes that this communication finds all interested parties in good health and spirits.

We refrained from making many predictions about the year 2010 in last year’s annual report, which turned out to be the right decision, since 2010 was indeed fairly unpredictable.

First Quarter

The first major change of 2010 was that Clare was hired as an engineer at NREL, making the transition from “temporary” post doc to “regular” employee.

The Fedibblety organization collaborated frequently with the Ichneumon’s this year; the first such venture was a trip to Breckenridge for their annual snow sculpture festival, as shown in Figure 1.

Continuing our ongoing theme of improving energy efficiency in the headquarters, we also purchased a fireplace insert in January. The house is now much warmer, and Rob once again gets to enjoy splitting, stacking, and burning wood. We also started a very long project of replacing doors. Dave and Mekayla helped Rob install two new energy efficient exterior doors, and Rob has slowly been finishing and hanging new interior doors as well.


Figure 1: The Fedibbletys in snowy Breckenridge, CO

In February, Spencer completed his first year of life, which we celebrated with much fanfare. We had a birthday party for him and invited just about everyone we know in Colorado (which is still not that many). Dave and Ellen also came in from Arizona. We got two tasty cakes from Das Meyer; Spencer’s favorite present was the remote control car from his cousins in Boulder (it also happened to be the first present he opened).

We concluded the first quarter with a trip to California. Clare presented a paper at the American Chemical Society in San Francisco. Spencer and Rob tagged along to see the sights, as well as good friend Melanie, Great Aunt Jean, and Uncle Drew and Geebi. After the conference we all got to visit with the Buchheits for several days.

Second Quarter

After several years of anticipation, Clare finally fulfilled her dream of raising chickens. Soap and Dirt are pretty nice. They laid about 1–2 eggs per day (total) for most of the spring and summer. Soap narrowly escaped a fox attack in late June, but got back to health and laying after about a month.

One of the big highlights of the second quarter was a team-building camping trip with the Dibble parent company in Moab, UT. It was our longest car trip yet with Spencer (about 7 hours), and he was very patient for the most part. He had just started walking a few weeks prior, and we got him a bit more used to wearing shoes by hiking around the magnificent Arches National Park

Rob was spending most of his time at home with Spencer during the second quarter, so he decided to remodel the main bathroom. The project took several months, and ended up requiring a fair amount of babysitting services of various sorts so Spencer would be occupied. When Rob started, we still had a part-time nanny Lika, who unfortunately left us to go live with her husband in Georgia (the country). We definitely miss her, but we are glad she is back with her husband. In the end, the bathroom remodel turned out fairly nice. Highlights of the project are shown in Figure 2.

The Felty parent company paid a visit in May for the 5th anniversary of the Fedibblety organization (see Figure 3 for an overview of the organizational history). During their visit they watched Spencer one night while Rob and Clare enjoyed fine dining, new “smart” phones, and a relaxing sleep in Denver. Harold even helped Rob with some of the bathroom remodeling.


Figure 2: Bathroom remodel

In early June, the Fedibblety organization once again met with the Dibble parent organization, this time in Arizona. Dave and Ellen played with Spencer for the weekend, while Rob and Clare relaxed at a spa in Sedona.

Later in June, we took a trip to Michigan to witness the Morris-Davis merger, and to visit the Felty clan. Spencer had a great time playing with his cousin Sadie.


Figure 3: Timeline of the Fedibblety organization

Third Quarter

The third quarter started with an abrupt transition for the organization. Rob took a full-time web development position at rabble rouser in downtown Denver, and Spencer started attending the Academy. Spencer has been very happy and mostly healthy at this day care.

For the fourth of July, we went camping at nearby White Ranch Open Space with Nick and some other friends. We had to hike in a mile, and Nick was gracious enough to carry some of our stuff, since I carried Spencer in the backpack. There was a surprise hail storm, but we managed to have a good time anyways.

Rob and Spencer went out to Salt Lake for a weekend to see the newest member of the Grekowicz-Jantzen corporation. It was a pleasure meeting Kate. Spencer was most interested in the dog, Indiana.

The third quarter was also filled with family reunions — the greater Wolfe/Irving/von Bronk clan (Clare’s Mom’s family) all met in Estes Park for a week of hiking, relaxing by the Big Thompson river and catching up. At the end of August, the Goolds (Rob’s Mom’s family) all met in Colorado too.

Over Labor Day weekend we went to visit old friends and the old headquarters in Indiana. It was a short trip, but we managed to show Spencer his namesake (and Ellen joined us). We also got to visit Tim and Phil, and the Hydes.

Fourth Quarter

While the third quarter was filled with excursions, visitors kept us busy in the fourth quarter. In early October Ellen came to dote on Spencer for a weekend, and gave Clare and Rob a chance to visit friends. Then the Brinkermiller team came for their third annual October visit.

For Thanksgiving this year we received another visitor: our former housemate Stephanie. Phil, Betty, Melissa, and Nick all came over for a big Thanksgiving spread. We are definitely thankful for our friends and family.

Rob went through a variety of different jobs in the fourth quarter. Work dried up at rabble rouser, but soon thereafter a new opportunity arose at Red Tricyle. Then not long after that, Nuance communications offered Rob a job as a speech scientist in Sunnyvale, CA. He started work right after Thanksgiving; initially he is working remotely.

2011 forecast

Once again, the future of the Fedibblety organization in 2011 is somewhat uncertain. Without a doubt, the second spinoff of the company should be complete in the first quarter. There is a also a likelihood of another relocation of the headquarters. Hopefully it will be the last, since we won’t be able to move much further west than San Francisco.

We wish you all the best in the new year,
Rob, Clare, and Spencer

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