2011 Annual Report

The Fedibblety organization hopes that this communication finds all interested parties in good health and spirits.


First we would like to confirm that our prediction from last year’s annual report has become true: The core Fedibblety organization now has four permanent members.

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First Quarter

The year started off without too much fanfare. Clare continued to wait patiently. We did have one fun outing to Mekayla’s cabin near Blackhawk, which included a bit of hiking, and hanging out by the fire.

In February, we celebrated Spencer’s second birthday with a pool party at the Apex.

The biggest development of the first quarter was the addition of our newest team member, Margaret Alice Dibble-Felty on Feb. 27th.

The remainder of the quarter was spent getting used to our new team member, and readjusting our responsibilities.

Second Quarter

The second quarter was filled with getting to know Margaret, and showing her off to the world. We quickly learned that Rob’s assumptions about two children were wrong – having two children is slightly more than twice as much work as one child, as opposed to less. Because of this, we find ourselves with less and less time for activities such as writing annual reports, as shown in Figure 1


Figure 1: Time spent writing annual reports

In April, Clare, Spencer, Dave, and Meg flew out to New York to visit the great grandparents. After a couple days, Rob flew out to join them, and Dave came back, since neither of them have much vacation. On our way back, we stopped in Philadelphia to visit the Comisars. Spencer had a great time playing with Isaac and Aaron, and we enjoyed catching up on their latest exploits.

In May, Clare, Ellen, Spencer, and Meg took the train out to Chicago for Dorothy’s 90th birthday party. They didn’t sleep much on the train, but had a lot of fun. Rob didn’t get to make this trip, but from the photos, he surmises that the Wolfes had a very fun time celebrating the innocence of new life and the wisdom of experience.

Clare went back to work right before Memorial Day at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, where she has continued to work on creating biofuels; Meg joined her brother at The Academy, and both seemed to adjust fairly easily.

Third Quarter

For Spencer’s second birthday, we got him a Strider balance bike, on the recommendation from Rob’s cousin Jessie. We really owe her for this. Spencer was not terribly interested in at first, but once Rob got out his bike, then he really started to pick it up and get good at it. Rob and Spencer rode bikes nearly every day together over the summer after school – Spencer on his balance bike, and Rob with Meg in the baby bjorn on his bike.

In June we took a trip to the Buchheits for Thomas’s birthday party. Spencer and Thomas had a good time playing together, and we got the chance to check out their new pool.

In August, Rob changed jobs at Nuance, moving from working on automated telephone systems to Research and Development. He is now working on a project to talk to your tv, which should probably be available in your living room in 2012 or 2013.

August also included a visit from the Felty parent organization, while Clare went to Ohio for Sarah Miller’s bridal shower. Rob was lucky enough to get both kids to sleep at the same time that Sunday, and made yet another batch of salsa from the prolific tomato plants from the garden.

At the end of August, we were surprised to learn that the Academy decided to move Spencer up to the pre-school room, since he was doing so well with potty-training. It was a bit of a hard transition at first, because he really liked his old teacher, but he seems to be enjoying his new classroom quite a bit. He should be in that classroom until he starts pre-kindergarten in 2013.

Over Labor Day weekend Melanie came to visit. We had a very nice time hanging out and catching up. On Labor Day itself we went to Manitou Springs with the hopes of seeing Pike’s Peak. Unfortunately we didn’t expect it to be so crowded, so it was a bit of a failure, but we did manage to see Garden of the Gods a bit, and discover that we should try to go back.

In September we traveled to Arizona to visit the grandparents for a chance to play in the pool before it got too cold. To our surprise, Dave and Ellen picked us up in the RV. Spencer was so excited about the RV that we spent half of the trip simply playing in the RV in the driveway. We also got to see Tao, who was visiting his uncle the very same weekend. Pretty funny to see someone from around the block hundreds of miles away.

Fourth Quarter

During the first weekend of October, we took a brief trip to see the Buchheits in California. We got the chance to meet some of Paul and April’s friends from the Exploratorium. Jean Ann, Drew, and Geebi also came down to visit one afternoon. We had a fun time playing on the trampoline.

After several failed attempts at getting a nice photograph of all four Fedibbletys, Rob finally decided to once again go against his long-held position against formal studio pictures, and try out a deal at JCPenney. The results seem quite pleasing.

For halloween, Lou and Courtney came to visit, which included trick or treating at the zoo, brewery tours in Longmont, and a bit of mountain sightseeing. Rob also convinced Courtney to make us a cherry pie with the cherries from our Community-supported Agriculture share!

In early November, we traveled to Ohio for the Brinkerhof-Miller merger. We also took this opportunity to see the Felty parent, sister, and cousin organizations in Michigan.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving this year. Phil, Betty, and Melissa came over. It was a very beautiful day, so I took the kids to the park while Clare worked on the putting the turkey in. We had so much fun talking and playing with the kids we didn’t take any pictures, so you’ll just have to trust us.

The Dibble parent organization stopped by for a quick visit in early December, during which we reversed traditional gender roles – Ellen, Clare, and Meg bought a live tree, while Dave, Rob, and Spencer made cookies

This year we stayed home for the hoolidays. While it is difficult to be away from the grandparents, we were very happy to not have the stress of traveling in the winter. Spencer really enjoyed opening presents – in fact he opened everyone’s presents! He continues to like cars and trucks, and has also gotten more interested in trains, so Rob built him a train table.

2012 forecast

Our 2011 forecast included a likely relocation, which did not occur. Rob has convinced Nuance to let him continue to work remotely, and since we like Colorado so much, we do not have relocation plans for the foreseeable future. We do plan on spending a lot more time with the Dibble parent organization, since they will soon be relocating from Tempe, Arizona to Arvada, Colorado.

We wish you all the best in the new year,
Rob, Clare, Spencer, and Meg

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