Bratwurst Wednesday

Bratwurst and various salads

My work colleagues like to tease me that I eat more German food than most Germans do. What can I say, I like it, and I want to enjoy it while I can. The local butcher has Bratwurst on sale on Wednesdays 5.75 Euro per Kilogramm instead of the normal 10 Euro. It is always really fresh and juicy, and fairly coarse. They will make them however big you want. Today we had them with all sorts of salads Clare bought from the grocery store – potato , green cabbage red cabbage , cucumber , carrot, and beet (not pictured).

Whiskey Peach Butter

Last weekend, I got a 2 kg flat of peaches on special. They were good, but not amazing. I decided to use them to make something and today I decided that something should be peach butter. I blanched the peaches, peeled and diced them, and cooked them down in the pretty pink blanching water (which contained about a teaspoon of salt), which I filtered before I used for cooking. I added 1/2 cup rohrzucker/ brown sugar, a generous tablespoon of honey and a dash of lemon juice at the beginning of the process. After about 4 hours simmering on low heat, I puréed the mixture, added a dash of cinnamon, another dash of lemon juice, and a shot of whiskey. I simmered the mixture another 15-20 minutes and stored in jars in the fridge. I’d probably make more if I was going to can it, but I doubt this peach butter will last long enough to need preservation methods.

Last stop: Strasbourg, France

By the time we rolled into Strasbourg, we were happy to be almost home. We stayed in an apartment right on Kléber Square and could see the Cathedral from our window. It was fun to watch the hustle and bustle from above. We stopped by Temple Neuf and there was someone practicing piano. We walked on to the Catherdral and got to see the quarter-hour chime of the astronomical clock. In the morning, we went on another little walk along the river and did some window shopping before the final car trip home. It was a fun trip, but we were so happy to sleep in our own beds.

Snap crackle pop

Yesterday as I was biking into town past the fields of golden grain I heard a strange sound – it sounded like the grain was popping. After a few minutes of searching Google and skipping over the articles about popcorn, I found someone else who had heard the crackling grain too. I am not actually sure if it is barley. I have tried researching different grains, but I have yet to learn how to identify the different varieties. Perhaps a reader can correct me.

In der Schweiz

We toured Liechtenstein during the day, then drove back into Switzerland to spend the night. We stayed in the Toggenburg region in the town Nesslau. It was so beautiful, even in the rain.

Rob and I got to sneak out to get a beer at the brewery across the bridge for a short date night. It almost felt like a short break from 2020.

We only stayed one night to break up the long drive home. The kids definitely want to come back so we can explore some more! We will see though… there are so many possible places to visit.

Road trip 2020: Italia

I was too busy enjoying the scenery to take many pictures during our Italy road trip stop, but I got a few of us eating popsicles on the balcony.

Portrait of a young girl

Yesterday we saw a portrait artist in Strasbourg and Meg really wanted to get her portrait drawn. Meg was very good at posing , and the result was quite good


Fedibbletys in Vaduz

I have always wanted to visit Liechtenstein, I suppose just because it is a tiny country. Today we’re finally made it happen. We stopped for a couple hours on our way from Italy. We drove through a bunch of Switzerland, which was really beautiful. The toilets at one of the rest stops were very unique. The weather wasn’t great, raining on and off. It was clear for an hour or so though, and we enjoyed just strolling through Vaduz, looking up at the castle and visiting the old covered bridge to Switzerland.

Lazy on Lake Iseo

Today we spent the whole day just relaxing by lake Iseo. We went swimming for a bit, which was nice, but not as nice as Lake Bled or in Pula. We enjoyed making Italian style coffee, playing crazy 8s, and napping on the balcony with fake grass carpet.