Spencer’s 6th grade final art project


Every year there is an art competition from the Lion’s club which Spencer’s school participates in. It is an international competition, so the students have to draw something without words to demonstrate peace through helpfulness. This year’s theme was “we are all one”. Spencer chose to make a jigsaw puzzle with the colors of the rainbow, and a hand with different skin colors representing the diversity of the world, and how we all make up part of the puzzle that is our earth. He worked a long time on it, and I think it turned out really nicely.

Spencer’s art project

Meg’s 4th grade art


I think that Meg’s art teacher in elementary school has been really great. She has introduced them to a bunch of different artists and techniques. My only complaint is that we never see most of the art until the end of the school year. Meg brought home all her creations this week, and I decided to digitize them as well as hang them up on our walls. Meg’s favorites are the one of the moon and the earth, and the waterlilies in the style of Clause Monet. My favorite is their school building in the style of Hundertwasser.

If you click on the individual images there is some more information about each creation.