A happy thanksgiving
Hello, Colorado!


fedibblety thanksgiving collage

Thanksgiving was a big success for the Fedibblety family. There were 8 (and 7/9) people in attendance, including Rob & Clare, Dave & Ellen, Harold & Fran, and also Bret & Drew. We had a very nice Thanksgiving day, with lots of cooking and eating. We even used the wood cookstove for some dishes.

Then on Friday, we packed up the moving truck, and Ellen & Dave drove it out to Colorado on Saturday, which was successfully unpacked today. It was quite a bit of work, but it is always nice to be together with family. Thanks to everyone for their help packing. We couldn’t have done it without you!!

We did get into one home improvement project during the holiday, which was replacing the brick moulding and the door frame to the door above the garage, which had been rotting. It seems that water had been collecting near the the bottom, and it was rotting up the sides. Ellen had the ingenious idea to put some flashing down to try to get the water to drip down and away, instead of sitting there. Hopefully that will work as intended. Only time will tell.

I’ll let the pictures display the rest.

Going against the flow
Zang work weekend 1

This past weekend, Rob and Ellen traveled to Denver to help Clare get the Zang house ready for move in.

We both arrived Friday night around 8:30. We stopped by the house on the way back to Clare’s apartment so that Ellen could get a look at it. It was a very comfortable temperature, since Clare had gotten the new furnace installed on Tuesday. After looking around for awhile and discussing what we wanted to tackle, we headed back to Clare’s apartment, chatted a bit, then went to bed.
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New home-owners

Rob and Clare by the fireplace in the the Zang house

Rob and Clare by the fireplace in the the Zang house

We are now the owners of 6423 Zang Ct. We have lots of work to do, but we are looking forward to it. It’s great that we got a bunch of experience doing home improvement in the Spencer house. More pictures in our photo albums

Rob and Clare by the kitchen in the Zang house

Rob and Clare by the kitchen in the Zang house

One Week in June


Rob and Clare and Dave and Ellen and Harold and Fran all arrived at the Spencer house property late in the day June 12, 2007 after a 7 hour trip from Ann Arbor. Clare did a wonderful job driving that big truck!


This picture shows the gravel driveway to the house looking away from the house.


This next picture shows the same view looking towards the house. You can see the gate, the main house the small house and, behind the trees the garage. We have arrived!


The six of us spent the rest of the week unpacking the truck, fixing up the main house, and having some fun along the way.
Fran and Harold were in charge of cleaning the kitchen. Here Fran scrubs down the old refrigerator which will be used for storage since it doesn’t work.


Harold put his efforts into cleaning the stove. Is it clean enough?


Ellen ripped off the wallpaper in the alcove where the new refrigerator will go – only to find MOLD!


So, Rob took down the the old, moldy drywall …


… and Clare and Dave put up new green drywall. Harold will apply a couple of layers of drywall mud before the week is over.


By Sunday June 17 the kitchen was ready for cooking. Rob made pancakes for breakfast and a rice dish for supper. Delicious as usual.


One of the highlights of the week was attending a Hog Roast/Pitch-in at the Fender’s home. This is the hog that Louie Fender roasted. He makes his own special sauce to go with the delicious meat. The neighbors brought their specialties for a potluck dinner.

At the end of the week the six of us posed for this picture. It was a week of work, of fun and of creating many memories. Harold and Fran learned a lot about the history of the house(s) and Clare’s family and their friends. If we look tired, well – we were. But it was still a great week. One we will remember for many years.

The two sets of parents left on Monday, June 18. Now Rob and Clare can put their own touches on this special home.