More fun in Trenton

Clowning around

Silly pose

We had plenty of time to clown around last week on Horseshoe Lake, when we weren’t busy swimming, boating, or otherwise relaxing. Spencer got very enamored of Monopoly, begging whomever he could find to play with him at 7:00 in the morning. We also spent a fair amount of time playing Hell, a card game that I have only ever played with my mom’s family. It’s a great game.

Happy birthday Meg and Spencer!

Noshing nieces and nephews in New York

Family reunion day 5

Family reunion day 4

Family reunion day 3

Family reunion – group pictures

Family reunion day 2

Family reunion day 1

Last week we had a family reunion in Estes Park, a repeat of the one five years ago. This year we were missing 6 people from last time (Tommy & Gretchen, and the Boyds), but we added 3 1/2 – Meg, James and Cecilia Baek (Grace’s parents), and the yet to be named child of Grace and Drew!

Day 1 highlights included hiking to Nymph lake, seeing a deer right behind our cabin, and Meg getting her makeup done by Aunt Grace. The day concluded with an awesome observatory visit for star-gazing, which Ellen arranged for us.