Winter fun

Tao, Rob, and Spencer skiing at Monarch Mountain
Tao, Rob, and Spencer skiing at Monarch Mountain
We have had a lot of winter fun in the last week or so. We have gone sledding several times. There is a pretty good hill right behind our house, which is super convenient. The day after Christmas we went ice skating at the Apex (indoors), which was really great. I want to thank my friend Daniel Reeves for teaching me how to roller blade. I think that my roller blading experience really made my first try at ice skating much easier. In fact, I found it easier than roller blading, especially since there are no hills! Thanks also to Ellen for suggesting it, and for Grace, who pushed us to go.

On the 29th, Spencer and I went skiing on Monarch mountain with our friends Rick and Tao. Spencer and I both took lessons. I skied once, about 11 years ago, with my friend Rachel Rose. I thought I had forgotten all of it, but apparently not. It was also a bit easier than I thought. I also feel like ice skating helped me prepare, since it uses some of the same muscles and concepts, like balancing, and leaning forward a bit. Thanks Rick for showing us the ropes at Monarch! And thanks to Ellen for getting me and Spencer snow pants, and Clare and Ellen, for getting me and Spencer nice down jackets.

On January 1st, Rob, Spencer, Dave, and Grace hiked up North Table mountain – a tradition we would like to continue in future years. Hopefully we can get more people to join. Spencer was pretty tired, but he managed to make it all the way to the top.

No more training wheels

Let's go get a stand
Spencer wrote me a note to remember to get his kick stand
Last weekend we went camping at St. Vrain State Park for Ellen’s birthday. Spencer brought his bike and rode it like crazy. He must have ridden several miles each day. When we got home Sunday, he decided he wanted to take his training wheels off. I had mentioned it to him the day before, and he said he wanted to wait until July 4th, but apparently he changed his mind. And as you can see from the video below, he was ready. He is really cruising now. He also wanted to get a kick stand right away, because I had told him last summer that I would get him a kick stand when he stopped using training wheels. He wrote me a note to make sure I wouldn’t forget.


Here’s a little video of Meg and Spencer riding the horsies at the grocery store by our house. It’s only a penny!

The wedding singer

Both kids really love the movie “the wedding singer” right now. It has lots of great music. Spencer is quickly learning the words to the songs, and has all the moves down pat. Maybe he will be a rock star when he grows up! Check out this video of him singing along to “Video killed the radio star”

Spencer’s christmas pageant 2012

Spencer telling Santa what he wants for Christmas

Spencer telling Santa what he wants for Christmas
Spencer telling Santa what he wants for Christmas
Spencer’s christmas concert at school was yesterday. He did a really great singing. He also was very good with Santa afterwards, asking him for a mail truck, which he has wanted for about a week now, after seeing one at a store last weekend. I took a video of the concert. Spencer wanted to show everyone the video on my phone at school today. He was very proud.


Saturday morning we went to Jumpin’ Jordy’s, a place with bounce houses. Meg has been really impressive at climbing up these to go down the big slides. I spotted her several times, even though she didn’t need my help. Then shortly before we were going to go, I decided I should take a video of her to showcase how impressive she is. Well, she didn’t make it that time, and ended up with a bloody nose, but I don’t think it phased her much. She is truly fearless, which is both awesome and nerve-wracking.

Here’s the video:

Sledding and snowman

Spencer and  our snowman
Spencer and our snowman
We got a really great snow a couple weeks ago. We got over a foot of snow on Friday, Feb 3rd, which closed school and work for Clare. By Saturday, the roads weren’t too bad (they even plowed our street!), it wasn’t too cold, and the sun was out. So it was ideal weather for sledding. We met some friends at a little hill in Wheat Ridge. Meg seemed to enjoy the sledding. Spencer did not want to actually go down on the sled. He had fun sliding down on his butt, or throwing the sled down empty though. Sunday we met Tao at a hill close to our house, and Spencer did decide to go down on the sled there, and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately we did not capture that experience digitally (except if you consider the brain’s memory digital, which it is in a sense, since neurons either fire or don’t).

Dump truck play

Meg and Spencer playing with the dump truck
Meg and Spencer playing with the dump truck
Meg and Spencer playing with the dump truck

While Spencer continues to be pretty good in terms of sharing toys with Meg, he does occasionally do the thing where he only wants to play with whatever toy Meg is playing with. Yesterday while I was making moussaka for dinner Meg was playing with the big Tonka truck Ellen had gotten Spencer a couple years ago, and Spencer was getting jealous. Clare finally resolved the situation by suggesting that Spencer could push Meg around in the dump truck, which kept them both happy for quite awhile. Then at some point Spencer got tired of pushing Meg around, and wanted Meg to push Spencer around. We weren’t quite sure she could do it, but in typical Meg style, she pushed him quite well! She still has to learn how to steer a bit though.