Swimming at Balluta bay

Fedibbletys at Balluta bay
Fedibbletys at Balluta bay
Fedibbletys at Balluta bay

Today was probably the best weather we will have on our Malta trip, so we decided to go to the beach. We had a lazy morning, and then had lunch at NAAR right on the water at Balluta bay. Then we enjoyed a little dip. The beach was fairly sandy, which is atypical for Malta we are told. The downside is that the water was not very clear, so my new underwater camera was not that interesting. Nevertheless, we had a great time, and a fellow sunbather even volunteered to take a picture of all four of us.

Good morning Malta

Although our original train to the airport was cancelled, we were able to get a different one, and arrived safely on time in Malta. Last night we simply relaxed in our vacation apartment. Today we are ready for the beach. Here is the view from the rooftop terrace

Big Gulp


Meg could not believe the size of the Big Gulp cups at 7-11. She asked me to take a picture with her hand for comparison. I think they hold 2 liters each!

Golfing with Sadie and Grandpa Felty


Spencer was very excited to go golfing with Grandpa Felty. We carved out some time to go on Friday, while Meg, Clare and Grandma made a tasty tart.

We played nine holes at Wyandotte shores. I was really impressed at how good Sadie has gotten. Thanks for taking us dad!