Happy Halloween

Since 2020 is not a great year for so many things, we stayed home for Halloween this year. Meg had a few of here close friends that she sees every day at school over for a party.

Santorini to Athens

The same day we explored the Ancient city of Akrotiri, we woke up in Santorini and fell asleep in Athens. City life is pretty different from island life. We are looking forward to exploring the city and its sights. We are staying near the National Gardens, Hadrian’s Arch and the Temple of Olympic Zeus. Everywhere we look around here is another ancient sight, so we will be busy.

Akrotiri in Santorini

Today we went to the ancient site of Akrotiri. It was buried in a volcanic eruption sometime in the 17th century before Christ. This makes it almost twice as old as Pompeii. However, it’s likely that most of the population evacuated before the major eruption due to the proceeding earthquakes. They were a super advanced civilization and had indoor toilets with buried sewage pipes (more advanced than most for the time). We loved learning about how the active excavation team makes theories about what each finding represents, including public and private buildings, religious offerings, and different merchant activities.

Around Santorini

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise and then took a catamaran around Santorini. We saw colorful rocks and beaches, swam in the ocean and a Vulcan ich sulfur hot spring, and Meg made friends with some Swiss girls.

The last picture is Rob with the baby spinach package, where baby is in English and spinach is in Greek.

Naxos to Santorini by ferry

We said goodbye to the apartment we stayed at in Naxos and boarded a ferry to Santorini. It’s a trip for me to watch semi trucks driving on and off a boat. The boat ride took about 2 hours. Now we have a whole new island to explore.

Santorini seems pretty different from Naxos, although both are beautiful. Naxos is a Mountain of marble. Santorini is built on the rim of a volcano. The island is a crescent backwards C. Roads are steep. We went to Oia to see the sunset. It was mostly grey clouds while we were there, but the transition from light to dark was still stunning. The winding roads and shops were charming.


Today we took a prop plane out to the Greek island of Naxos. It was a little heartbreaking to pass rows and rows of grounded airbuses to get to a prop plane, but it’s best to have the right tool for the job.

We were welcomed to our apartment with delicious Greek pastries. We can see the temple of Apollo from our window and listen to the waves lapping inside our apartment.