We voted (in Germany)

Germany does a lot to enroll newcomers into their system, including letting us start to have a voice on local affairs. The only thing we could vote on was the Integration (for immigrants) council, but we wanted to do our civic duty and support the council. It was quick and easy. If we are here longer, we slowly gain electoral power, voting for mayor and such. It’s as well organized as you would expect a German system to be.

Meg’s watercolor patterns

we’ve had a pretty low key weekend and Meg has done a ton of watercolor patterns. She finds tutorials on YouTube and tests them out. It’s amazing to see her mostly drive these projects on her own.

Fall Sunday Funday

We went on a family bike ride to get some fresh air. We picked up some local apples on our trip. There is a municipal election project to grow local varieties to keep them from disappearing. Now they are applesauce. Hopefully, one of several fall batches.

Back to school!

Today was Meg and Spencer’s first day of 4th and 6th grade. I can’t tell who is more excited about physically going back to school, but the house was abuzz this morning.

Meg is excited about her a Paris themed lunchbox and a more grown up style backpack. Spencer is excited about his Tommy Hilfiger socks. No room for branded shirts when all your favorite shirts have your name and sports team on them.

There are not many modifications to their school year and schedule based on COVID yet (other than wearing masks). But Spencer’s school/ teachers have silently expressed their skepticism that this will last by asking students to just bring a notebook and pencil rather than their typical back to school shopping list. Whatever happens, 2020 is sure to be an adventure!

Meg is safely home

Meg got back from her summer scout trip hiking from Memmingen to Kempten late Sunday. The drive train was delayed enough that it made sense to pick them up in Cologne. After dropping off the rest of the carpool, we had Meg and mom sushi. Meg fell asleep on the way home.

Our week with Spencer

We have been hanging out with Spencer this week while Meg is on her backpacking trip. He has anew jersey from soccer camp this week. Afterwards, he plays as much Fortnight as we will allow. He is sore in the mornings, but getting stronger. We’ve also been playing Canasta in the evenings. It’s hard to believe how fast our boy is becoming a young man.

Meg’s outdoor summer day camp and Spencer’s Inception Cheerio

Meg and Spencer have both been at day camps around Würselen this week. Today I picked up Meg and she showed me the hide out they had fashioned. There is a tarp, trash bags full of leaves to sit on and signs or decorations. Spencer has also been at a camp doing treasure hunts , playing games, and generally running around, but I don’t have any pictures.

Spencer identified a Cheerio within a Cheerio in his cereal this morning. It was an exciting way to start the day.