Chocolate Bliss

This recipe originally comes from The Voluptuous Vegan by Myra Kornfeld and George Minot, in which it was originally called Chocolate Pudding. It turns out that the consistency was not much like pudding, and for awhile I tried to make it more like pudding, but my girlfriend said she liked it as it was. So I then figured out a nice way to serve it, added a little brandy for some extra flavor, and a little bit of that magic xanthum gum to thicken it up. Trust me, it’s a real hit.


  • For:
  • 12
  • Preparation: 45 min
  • Ready in: 45 min


  1. Melt chocolate in double boiler. Place tofu and powdered sugar in food processor and briefly process. Add vanilla and brandy. Add chocolate and process until smooth, scraping sides with a rubber spatula if necessary. Once processed, transfer to a dish lined with waxed paper (I use an 8x10 Pyrex dish with a top). Chill for at least two hours. To serve, gently lift the now firm and fudgelike dessert out of the dish by pulling up the waxed paper. Cut into 2x2 inch squares, and serve on plates with a f ork. For an additional touch, one can gently insert pieces of fruit such as strawberries or cherries into the chocolate mixture before chilling. Enjoy!