Camping, take one

I can haz botl?

I can haz botl?
I can haz botl?

A couple weeks ago we decided to take Spencer for his first camping trip. We were successful in several key elements:

  • Set up tent (Spencer was nice enough to sleep while we did this)
  • Take a hike (Spencer always enjoys a hike)
  • Make a fire (even though it was raining a bit)
  • Cook rice and beans over the fire (came out very nicely)
  • Make S’mores

We failed at several key elements:

  • Make Spencer warm bottle (well, eventually we heated up some water over the fire and put the bottle in that, but he was very unhappy in the meantime)
  • Sleep (Our tent is too small. Spencer was pretty warm and comfortable, but Clare and I were not. The only way to get comfortable was to touch the sides of the tent, and then we got wet)

We ended up leaving at midnight. Fortunately it was only a 45 minute drive home, but it did kind of mess up our internal clocks for the weekend. For our next attempt in a few weeks with Dave and Ellen, we will have a bigger tent, and I bought a propane camp stove, which should speed up the warming of bottles.

On our first trip we also forgot the camera, so there is no evidence of the trip. But every post should have a photo, so instead, we have supplied a picture of Spencer trying to hold his bottle. It seems that he is dead set on becoming independent. Unfortunately, he is not very good at holding the bottle, and will frequently yank it out of his mouth, then cry because he is not getting food.