Spring break
Daffodils sprouting

sprouting daffodils from afar

Sprouting daffodils seen from afar

Last weekend marked the beginning of Indiana University’s spring break. This doesn’t mean we get a week off, but it does mean less traffic congestion. And more importantly, it means that spring is on our doorstep. It has been very nice this week; sunny and in the 40s or 50s. This is a welcome change from all the freezing rain and gray of February. I was feeling grumpy Saturday, one of the first days of nice weather, so Rob and I decided to go on a walk around the property. It was very wet. We crossed the stream and went back to the field, pond, and up the hill to where Rob usually gets the wood he so enjoys chopping. When we reached the pond, we found that it was full enough to cover the drain pipe, which leads down to the field. That explains a lot. The ice on the pond was cracking and sinking, a sign of spring emerging.

Daffodils up closer

Daffodils a bit closer

When we came back down from the pond and the woods, we walked around the planned garden sites and talked about what to plant where. We also discussed whether or not to get chickens some more and if we did where to put the chicken coop. Then, almost done, we went to throw away some garbage we found on our walk. That’s when we saw the most definitive sign of spring: daffodils.

daffodils up very close

Daffodils up very close

Poking up through the dusting of snow and last fall’s leaves, little green blades and buds stuck their heads out to let us know that the annual cycle is complete and spring is on it’s way. The spirit of renewal and rebirth reminds us that we will try it all again this year and see where life leads us.

We spent the next half an hour or so clearing brush and leaves to give our newest arrivals a hospitable welcome.